The spirit of CISSMUN IX and GINAsia 2018 is captured by Futures Public radio Journalists and in one phrase set forth by the COncordia International School Student GIN leaders: 

A Place to Stand

How can we understand the problems facing our planet at this point in time, and how can we respond in real ways that allow us to fulfill our role as changemakers? For peace, for justice, for truth, for sustainability, for the future.

For us and for others


Exclusive Interviews
GIN Asia 2018
Keynote Speakers

Global Change Makers


In this exclusive interview, FPR's Lilian H and Koen M speak with the two change makers, and GINAsia2018 Keynote Speakers, that are influencing the way we look at consumption, plastic, and our role in sparking a sustainable mindset shift.

Ishmael Beah

FPR's Judy P, Amanda C, and Christina L talk deeply with Ishmael Beah, author and UN Goodwill Ambassador, about hope, personal transformation, and being an agent of change.

Justin Bedard

FPR's Shawn Q digs into the change making philosophies of Justin Bedard, JUMP! Foundation's founder and visionary.  The discussion maps civic-based ideas on education, collaboration, and the future wellbeing of our world.


Futures Public Radio's Jacqueline L and Alicia S examine the role of music in building community and global collaboration with the acclaimed Indonesian artist, activist, and musician Gede Robi.

Kim phuc Phan Thi

Ava N and Lyndon B share a rich conversation with Kim Phuc, who has traveled the world telling her story of hope following the horrors of the Vietnam War. Her passion for peaceful resolutions to conflict are captured in this intimate interview. 

Kayti Denham

FPR's Lilian H explores the history of GINBali with world co-founder Kayti Denham, teacher, world-traveler, and activist.

These Exclusive interviews are result of a collaboration between
ISB Futures Public Radio
Concordia International school Shanghai, Student Media Services 

What is FPR and Citizens Public Media?

Citizens Public Media changes student and community mindsets through building critical thinking, perspective, empathy, and authentic literacy through investigative journalism with integrity. 

This video and talk maps Steve Sostak and Aaron Moniz's vision for why we can and must integrate authentic journalism into all levels of schools in our complex world.

More crucially, however, student leaders are the voices of this presentation, highlighting their blossoming 21st century, deep learning skills and the journalism pieces that have sparked them towards citizenship, recognizing the power of storytelling, and finding a genuine willingness to actively connect to their worlds to make a difference.