Educator Resources

FPR exists as part of a Global Citizenship framework and educational approach being researched and developed by Steve Sostak and Aaron Moniz of the International School of Beijing. Journalism resources linked to their citizenship website can be found here.  Feel free to contact Steve or Aaron with and inquiries, celebrations, or suggestions here.

Engaged, civic journalism is at the foundation of our facilitation.  This PDF of How to Best Serve Communities: Reflections on Civic Journalism by Geneva Overholser is a highly recommended launching point for any community journalism project. 

"How does journalism best serve a community? Consider some of journalism’s traditional, fundamental responsibilities to a democracy: To hold the powerful accountable. To bring to public view societal ills that some might prefer to ignore. By their very nature, these duties provoke discomfort and condemnation in others. To perform them requires a considerable degree of independent mindedness. Taken to an extreme, the traditional view results in the press becoming a powerful and arrogant institution, out of touch with those whom it exists to serve. An obsession with toppling the mighty can make journalists forget their responsibility to chronicle the humble. The regard of peers can be more alluring than the views of the masses. Such developments are in no small part what civic journalism rose up to contradict. But the fact that its prescriptions seemed to many to threaten the independence essential to a free press is a substantial reason for the resistance it encountered. That concern remains today. Will journalism that is audience-centered offer the public information that it would never ask for but that is essential for effective self-governance? Will journalism focused on being responsive to the public stand up against powerful know-nothings, science deniers, and the like? Will those participating in the co-creation of engaged journalism agree that promoting the health of one’s community requires some content that feels compassionate, but also some that feels aggressive, intrusive, and unwelcome?"

- Geneva Overholser