May 20, 2017: Lilian H, FPR investigative reporter and host of the truth seeking "Hot Topic" podcast, shares her original poem that looks closely at the intricacies of lies and truths in our lives, governments, and media. 


April 25, 2017
FPR Reporters reached out to a talented group of EigHTH grade poets to interview Ms. Turner's first graders. The young writers shared how they were experimenting with free verse poetry and "poet's craft" in their writers' workshop.  


April 18, 2017
FPR's Andy N takes time to reflect on one of history's most famous Wartime photographs as a Russian soldier stops to play an abandoned piano during the Chechen War in 1994.  He powerfully relates to the despair, forgiveness, and hope found in Conflict.  This Poem, "The Hope in despair", is the inaugural poem in the visual archaeology poetry podcast. 

April 10, 2017
Sixth grader Olivia X takes 2016's ISB Poetry Con and her experience with visiting poet Harry Baker to reflect back upon childhood memories and growing up in the heartfelt "When I Look Back".

Coming Soon:  Grade Eight Students tackle other famous photographs in the Visual Archaeology Poetry Series.