Service Learning Network 

The FPR Service Learning Network focuses on the stories behind the issues, people, and projects on campus and around the world.  Interviews feature perspectives on issues and events as well as the change makers that are making a difference in our local and global communities.


Khali Sweeney
December 2017

Since 2007, Khali and the Downtown Boxing Gym has been teaching kids in Detroit’s toughest neighborhoods valuable life lessons - inside and outside the classroom and the boxing ring. FPR's Christina L shares a rich conversation with him on his life and the power of boxing and books to help children rise above challenging situations in Detroit.

Salva Dut
November 2017

Salva Dut of Water for South Sudan and the book A Long Walk to Water shares his feelings on the power of water, family, and perseverance.  He also discusses the need for peace in South Sudan and a challenging world. The FPR exclusive interview was produced and edited by Sabrina and Jacqueline with the FPR Tech Team in support.

Hurricane Harvey
November 2017

Ex-ISB student Mary J talks with FPR's Marie K about her personal experience during Hurricane Harvey.  The interview brings richer awareness to hurricanes and the citizens that must cope and adjust to these more frequent disasters.

Women's Month
October 2017

FPR Mentor's Steve and Aaron Celebrate Women with a PSA Exploring the ISB Tutu Walks.

MS Anti-Bullying Committee
June 2017

Join FPR to take a deeper look into the MS ISB anti-bullying committee. We unravel what some kids go through in middle school and the reason for assembling the ABC on campus.

April 2017

FPR's Ethan and Shawn visit the Smile Week home and interview the workers  that care for the babies and some of the MS STUCO team.  Learn more about the service work and how you can help.