FPR One Yuan Concerts

Inspirational, influential, and gifted local and international artists share their stories and talent. The One Yuan Concert Series is dedicated to inspiring the ISB Community through the power of creativity.  

December 2017: This exclusive interview from the punk folk artist, Austin Lucas, was another highlight of 2017 for FPR.  Austin shares thoughts on creativity, songwriting, and his unique style that meshes punk, folk, and country.  He ends with a two-song performance for the FPR community.  The interview and story was produced by FPR's Lyndon B and Bernard I with the help from the ISB Broadcasting team.

December 2017: Acclaimed Tokyo drum and bass DJ Makoto discusses the music scenes in Asia and Europe, while sharing thoughts on influential musicians and the creative process. This story was produced by Sean and the tech team of Futures Public Radio with the support of Hospital Records, UK.

LUKA LESSON (Full performance and interview): November 2017

Arianna B: October 2017

James "Butch" Ford:  October 2017

Overcoats:  September 2017

Gabby A: May 2017

Global and local artists support our endeavor through addressing some of the following questions in their contributions and mini-performances:

How do you approach the artistic/creative process?  
What goes into creating?  
What is your purpose for creating?
How do you view your audience or the consumers of your art?
How are lives enriched by art created by others?  
How might your art inspire our students to create?
How can your art help to change the world? 

Interviews and "Concerts" can take one of many forms and will be shared with other FPR member schools and in workshops in Beijing, Singapore, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Seoul.  For roughly 30-60 minutes of your time, we will share out to thousands of students and educators in Asia:

  • A tag for the radio station and a mini-live performance just playing or creating your art (See Overcoats mini-concert)
  • A tag for the radio station, a mini-live performance, and answering a few of the questions at the top of the page
  • A Skype-esque interview with one of our student reporters (See Overcoats full interview)
  • A school visit and interview if you are in Beijing